Floor Plan

  • Room 1 - Onyx
  • Room 2 - Sapphire
  • Room 3 - Topaz (Studio Apartment)
  • Room 4 - Aquamarine (Communicating door with Amethyst)
  • Room 5 - Amethyst  
  • Room 6 - Opal
  • Room 7 - Garnet
  • Room 8 - Ruby (Studio Apartment)

The dream with the Rings was always to create a place where families of all abilities could holiday in comfort. That's why our corridors had wheelchair accessibility built into them from the start. All our doorways, including those leading into bedrooms, lounge areas and wet rooms are wide enough to fit most wheelchairs through. Turning circles have also been thought about in each of the rooms making it the ideal place to come and stay.